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5 months

Once filled with candles, these boxes with custom labels are bound for a beach-themed soiree in L.A. Let us help you create elegant favors for your next event.

11 months

Oh, sweet nectar of the gods! Just mixed up a batch of our DEW Fine Facial Oil. With a silky lightweight feel, beautiful honey floral aroma, and generous dose of oil-stable Vitamin C, your winter skin will drink it in!

1 year

Just gathered a juniper bough and birch cones from the yard for this reed diffuser for Suvi in CA. They're still dripping from the rains we had this morning.

2 years

Get your summer on! 1980s philomena pastel striped shorts; sea salt & sea grass travel candle; 1980s french vanilla espadrilles; orange blossom honey hand & body cream; and 1970s abalone shell necklace

2 years

Knocked out this custom order of candle and lotion gift sets last week while prepping for a show. Convo me if you're interested in making your nearest and dearest feel extra special with an exquisite custom gift.