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HerOdyssey is taking a short break.

I am temporarily closing my shop because I have had a catastrophic computer issue that has taken regular access to etsy and other sites (cannot access them at work) away. My bonnet pattern was lost, but has recently been rescanned, so current orders will be sent out (at length, my apologies). Until I have a computer again, I will leave this shop closed. If you have any specific questions or requests or orders that we've arleady discussed, you may contact me via my personal email. You can obtain this address by messaging me directly.

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HerOdyssey's Shop Announcement

There's really no set group of products on this page. They are products of my whim, and they can range from Regency-period drawings of animals to costume-pieces and more. My most popular item, the Regency Stovepipe Bonnet pattern will eventually be supplemented by another pattern for a wider variety of Regency bonnet styles. Keep checking in.

You can read more about my arts, crafts and passions at my personal blog;