HeySailorHats' Shop Announcement

After many fun-filled, fabulous years on Etsy, Hey Sailor! Hats has decided to close its doors. Many hugs, kisses and thanks to all of my tremendous customers, it’s been a wonderful, wild ride and I am so happy to have had you all there along the way. Looking towards the future I plan to focus on costuming, performing with my band Ragwater Revue, and spending time with friends and family.

Stay in touch! Please continue to send along photos modeling your Hey Sailor! hats and I will continue to update the Hey Sailor! Facebook page and website with your images. Write us at: heysailorhats <at> yahoo.com

In the mean time, I’d like to invite you to check out my band, Ragwater Revue – keep your eyes peeled for our new EP and silent film inspired series ‘Dreamland Delirium’, premiering this summer! www.ragwater.com

VISIT THE HEY SAILOR! WEBSITE: www.hey-sailor.com

HEY SAILOR! ON FACEBOOK -> http://www.facebook.com/heysailorhats