Hilltopfibre's Shop Announcement

Welcome to the Hilltop Fibreworker. I specialize in well designed, handdyed roving for handspinners and in weaving kits and tutorials for Rigid Heddle weavers.

Fractal rovings are designed to create predictable patterns in the finished yarn and finished object. The colours and values are chosen to interact well with each other so that the finished effect is complex and beautiful. Spun as directed there are no unwelcome side effects (no mud, barberpole nor pooling here!)

See a range of finished projects on Ravelry:


I'd love to see what you do with my roving, please feel welcome to point me to your yarns and projects - my ravelry name is hilltopfibre.

I have been knitting for nearly 40 years, spinning and dyeing for over 20 and teaching fibre arts for more than 10. Fractal rovings evolved from my frustration with some space dyed rovings that could not be spun to look anything like the original. An article in Spin Off on Fractals several years ago set me thinking about how rovings could be dyed to interact with each other in the plying in a predictable way. I admit that colour theory does not come naturally to me and credit Deb Menz's books with helping me to design with colour and value. I am especially drawn to analogous colour schemes as they rarely create mud, barberpole or clown effects.

My home studio is overseen by both feline and canine supervisors. You can meet them on the blog: http://hilltopfibre.blogspot.ca/ where I natter occasionally about all things fibre, friends, food and family.

I practice waste reduction. Dyes are measured carefully and containers are emptied completely onto the fibre. I use reuseable packaging for steaming and yarn ends from weaving for tying roving skeins. Roving is shipped in the smallest possible packaging reducing weight and shipping costs.

I hope you enjoy my offerings. Have an idea or looking for another colourway? Please let me know. Most colourways are repeatable though there will be some variation from dyelot to dyelot.

More recently I have become a weaver. My passion is stretching the boundaries with the Rigid Heddle loom. So far there are kits and tutorials available for Summer and Winter on the Rigid Heddle, but I have more ideas so stay tuned.