HinmanAudio's Shop Announcement

Along with my current stock, I am able to make finished custom speakers for your home theater, computer, car, stage & studio monitors, guitar speaker cabinets, etc. Let me know your needs & budget, and I'll work up a quote.

I am able to provide higher quality speakers for a much better value than big box retailers.

My products all come with a warranty, please see my shop policies for further details.

Free Listening: If you are in the Tacoma area, or going to be, I am more than willing to let you sample my products before you buy!

**************WARING, SPEAKER NERD RANT**************
Quality Speakers, such as these, will accurately represent what the artist or sound engineer is trying to portray to the listener. With sub-par speakers, the listener is missing vital nuances that really make you FEEL the music and seem like you are there at the studio / concert. This also goes for home theater in that speakers really help immerse the listener to feel like they are in the movie. Quality speakers will put you on the edge of excitement and emotion that the movie trying to capture.

What are NOT Quality Speakers: Quality speakers are not about how loud they can go, how hard the bass hits, or how many watts it has, but really it’s about clear balanced sound. Once you have heard this you will be able to notice parts of songs that you previously were not able to.

Many of the speakers that are on the commercial market are very bland looking, as well as not designed for optimal performance and sound. Have you ever noticed that you have to turn up your speakers louder to be able to understand what is being played? That is a result of an unbalanced, unclear sound. My products are designed to have a clear and balanced sound, as well as clean bass (not muddy sounding like many commercial companies).

If you have any questions about my products, or any audio question in general, please don't hesitate to ask!

Thanks for viewing!

Jeremy Hinman
Hinman Audio