HoboeJane's Shop Announcement

Handmade, One of a Kind Fun & Funky Hats and Clothing at Affordable Prices!

* A fairytale is not real life, But I don't really mind, For if you live with hopes and dreams Then happiness you'll find *

I love creating one of a kind pieces for women to wear so they can express their own personalities! Much of my work involves themes of nature since I am a Horticulturist at Pinecrest Botanical Gardens, in sunny Florida.

HoboeJane is run by me and my awesome mom. She kicks butt with her sewing skills which brings my creations to life. My mom taught me, from a young age, to do what makes you happy and never stifle your creativity!

My style is quirky and fun. My attitude is : make art for arts sake because it's what you love to do!

I am inspired by nature and my loved ones. I try hard to find uses for every scrap of material that I use. I create objects out of old t-shirts and old sculptures that I want to re-vamp. I like the idea of using the tools God has given us to create : using nature and re-using man made objects.

I recently realized that a lot of my personal aesthetic was influenced by my childhood.....mainly....Barbies! Wait don't judge! Growing up, I owned tons of Barbie clothes, but I also would make outfits for them out of socks and random pieces of fabric. Looking back at my old toys (yes I still saved them) I can see a funky, kinda hippie chic style that I still hold onto today and I see now that I always have loved designing.

My items are high quality, customizable, and very importantly, comfortable!

I recently made a promotional video about a Funny Bunny who just wants to find the perfect hat (Hoboe Jane's first commercial !!!!!)


I hope you like my unique pieces and Thank You for stopping by!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.