HolisticEarthGems' Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop. I've been a very creative person since I was a young girl. I started journaling at 10 years old and I first had the idea to write a novel at age 16. I've always enjoyed working with my hands and making beautiful artistic creations, especially jewelry. Today, creativity is an integral part of my life in every way. I'm currently working on putting the finishing touches on a wonderful delicious plant-based vegan cookbook that contains 20 years worth of my wonderful original recipes and that in itself is a tremendous joy. I have a lot on my plate as a busy new Mama of an adorable, wonderful, sweet, beautiful 2 year old baby named Michelangelo and you can see pictures of him in my shop. He and my dear husband of 20 years are wonderful inspirations for all the work I do. My 2 furry babies, Marble, a dark gray Tabby, and his sisfur, Cali, a beautiful orange, yellow, and brown black Calico, are also wonderful inspirations for my creativity.

When I'm not writing or cooking, I love to make divine beautiful artistic jewelry that makes me feel good and the customer who shares my love and passion for Holistic Earth Gems, which is the lovely title I selected for my etsy shop. I titled my shop, Holistic Earth Gems because the jewelry I love to wear and design are holistic and earthy in nature. I'm a very sensitive, gentle, wise Indigo, as are my beautiful adorable son and my dear, sweet, wonderful husband, and the 3 colored semi-precious stones that lift our Spirits and comfort and protect us the most are amethyst, lapis lazuli, and malachite, and you will see in the special gems throughout my shop that I love designing jewelry with these special stones. As my heroine and wise inspiring mentor, Doreen Virtue, the Angel Therapist says, Indigo children and adults are wise, gentle, caring, passionate, intuitive, loving, and very devoted to protecting their families, the animals they love, and Mother Earth. I designed every piece of jewelry you see in my shop with meticulous tender loving care with the sole purpose of protecting and shielding the wearer from toxic negative overwhelming energies that can potentially drain him or her. I personally wear a sterling silver chain with a beautiful amethyst Crescent Moon and sterling silver Dolphin for Divine protection and shielding and I wear special handmade earrings with turquoise and lapis lazuli beads and moons and stars.

In my etsy shop, you will find various earrings, bracelets, and necklaces and the common element you will find is that they are all holistically healing, delicate, simple, gentle, comforting. They are very elegant with the beautiful combined colored stones and you can wear them for almost any occasion, casual or elegant, but what's most important is that when you wear them, you will be shielding and protecting your Aura and chakras with Divine Elemental protection. I sprained my ankle one afternoon and I was screaming and crying in pain and my husband wrapped a large raw non-tumbled amethyst cluster around my ankle and within 30 minutes, the pain disappeared and the amethyst paled and the color faded and we realized that the stone had absorbed and took in all my pain. We soaked and cleansed the stone in a bowl of sea salt water overnight to recharge it and the next day it was vibrant and alive and as good as new. If it can do such healing for an injury, imagine what it can do for protection and shielding from harsh negativity as an amulet.

Please browse my shop and take a look to see which gems you feel connected to and tickle your fancy. I am in between caring for my toddler and my dear husband, and writing and editing, and cooking, and putting the finishing touches on my cookbook, but I'm here to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to convo me and I will do my best to answer your questions. Thank you for your interest. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Enjoy and thank you for visiting my shoppe. As an Earth Steward nature lover and animal lover animal rescue advocate, proceeds from the sales will be tithed to help NRDC Natural Resources Defense Counsel and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.