Holla! For My Mala...™

HollaForMyMala is taking a short break.

Finishing up on some BEAUTIFUL customers' orders these next two weeks! (you know who you are!) and back on IV Yay! We all must balance and heal ourselves so we can help our fellow neighbors, sisters, families and friends! I will betake with lots of new stuff just as soon as I finish up these orders. You can get an email letting you know when the store is back & I'm available by email. All my love! Krysten

<3 <3 Why breaks are essential right now :)
I have been fighting Late Stage Lyme for over two years now...the physical pain I experience everyday is insane; I honestly don't think i would have been strong enough to make it through without each and every one of yours support! The love put into each piece comes from me and you. It keeps me moving, has kept my mind my fresh, and my heart filled with love. I can never thank you all enough...but I'll try with some bad ass gemstones!! Holla! Never forget how beautiful and special you are, just as you are <3 Thank you my dearest friends

About my Process. Wow. So much goes into it. I love finding inspiration in nature, art, life, love, heart break, loss, recovery, music, fairies (:P), angels, Yoga yoga yoga, all of YOU, and all the lessons I've learned along the way. Much of my crystal choices and arrangement are intuitive. I go with what I'm told will heal or help. And thankfully, its worked wonderfully! Each piece is cleansed and after purchase, I focus on you and your personal intention, giving the piece 30 minutes of loving Reiki energy so its super duper duper charged with love for YOU!!
Hmmm...well, I'd have to say that my near death battle with chronic illnesses has definitely given me a different perspective on life and love. I treasure every moment, and every person. We are all SO SPECIAL. And I want you to know that :) I want you to feel squishy and happy and bubbly and loved every time you look at your bracelet!! and Ill remind you if you need it! (seriously, some of my best friends started out as customers lol). I don't know you, but I love you. And I hope you love your piece! Holla@!

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

To all beings, Peace, Peace, Peace

KrystenAlexis xxoo

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HollaForMyMala's Shop Announcement

Finishing Up custom pieces with so much love and practicing what I preach by finding balance with my health in order to bring you OM-AMZING new pieces just awaiting to be listed! I am available by email and will be back in about 10 days!

"Spiritual Jewelry as Unique and Beautiful as YOU..."™ *PLEASE READ XO
Right now orders are backed up about 10-14 days, as I make EVERYTHING myself with TONS of love!! Necklaces and Earrings are ready to go out and if you need something ASAP, just message me and We'll get it done! Thank you for your love and understanding! ~K

Dearest Friends, Old and New! My Mala is Re-Open and in full swing with orders! "Like" my Facebook page, as I will be offering coupon codes weekly! It's time to ring in the new, as give some great savings on popular products! (As always, I design EVERYTHING myself, so it has extra sprinkles of love! But! Orders can pour in faster than I can fill, so please let me know if you have a set day you need an item and I will try my best-est! I am also one of the lucky ones who suffers from Late Stage Lyme disease and Chronic Pain. My work, is my story, its your story, its everyone who ever came and was; lived and loved <3. It's my peace. But challenges do arise, so I promise to keep everyone in the know with love! <3

Holla! I'm KrystenAlexis! Owner, designer, writer, creator, imagineer, Reiki Practitioner, Kripalu Yoga Instructor, Crystal and Gemstone Speciality, Crazy Punk rock, comic book, and beach loving chica who loves nothing more than making others smile, and help initiate healing through making custom crystal healing and Mala Bracelets (For you!)
I recently moved from Jersey to Florida to be with my "Dream Team" of Doctors for the Mysterious Late Stage Lyme Disease, Chronic Pain, and many other fun symptoms. You can ask or tell me anything in confidence. I believe my struggle was meant for me to help others along their way. Anyway I can :) I know about enough to be a Doctor myself!
And one thing I DO know are some of the best medicines you can get anywhere is genuine love, support, and HOPE, always xo. So I keep that in mind when giving every special piece Reiki White Light Energy!

I am still transferring beads and boxes here, so there might be somethings I'm missing or that will be slightly different, as in BETTER! and Ill let you know!

So send me a message about what you love, and what you would love to manifest in your life, and we'll make the most perfect piece for you! Its always best to order early as the holidays become very busy for custom pieces xoxoxo
With love and thanks,

I used the highest quality stones at the most affordable prices so everyone can have some love! I know there are now hundreds of stores to choose from (Malas got popular!) BUT, I am one of the first and most authentic! I am Reiki certified, a Kripalu Yoga teacher, and have SOOO much knowledge of crystals, healing, health and wellness matters. I can make a piece for anything you need---pregnancy, selling or buying a house, love, depression, hope, anything! And it will be attuned to YOU!

Please remember that every order is custom made just for you, so allow the proper time as orders are made when they are received xoxo

Every mala is made with loving intention just for YOU! Join my FB for discounts and deals!

May you know love and happiness each and everyday <3 Namaste

Holla! For My Mala was created as a vision, a dream. I loved meditating with my Malas, but couldnt find ones that incorporated the healing energies of the stones and symbols that were high quality, funky, fun, and affordable. So! I made my own! And when I became ill with severe pain, this became my full time job.
I am proud to say that one of my favorite designs I created is the Double Terminated Mala Necklace and Bracelet © What does that meaaaan you say?? It means your Mala Necklace or bracelet can be worn at least TWO ways, with charms on the ends of the front AND the back! Double Terminated Quartz crystal are more powerful because they have energy beaming out of both sides, in that respect, so are the Double Terminated Malas! Choose your mood each day, double your necklace, wear it as a bracelet, or just flip it around to choose which side suits you most. This is just one of the many ways I love letting my wacky brain work to make the most fun and funky, yet spiritual and healing jewelry out there. I promise, that your experience with Holla! For My Mala...will be nothing like you've ever had before. filled with lots of time, devotion, attention to detail and solo much love (because I just dont know how to do things any other way), you will walk away with a piece that is meant just for you. They say "the stones choose you". So when you feel that tug in your tummy, stay present and dont ignore it. Intuition is one of the most powerful gifts we are given. Here is my Mantra I created that encompasses what I believe;

My Mantra: "I am absolutely perfect, just the way I am in THIS very moment. With all my perfectly perfect "imperfections" and unique "quirks," I embrace and truly LOVE myself." ™ Never forget these words!! The world is a much more colorful, fun, vibrant, wacky, and exciting place because you are in it! So thank you my dear friend! And keep celebrating how unique and special you are ~KrystenAlexis

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.... To all things, Peace, Peace, Peace
May your Mala bring you inner peace, love, serenity, and hope. May it be a reminder to dream big, and to never give up or give in! Jai my friends xoxo!