HolyDoodles' Shop Announcement

Thanks for checking out Holy Doodles, Cartoons to contemplate! Holy Doodles came out of the life and work of MICAH, the Minnesota Institute of Contemplation and Healing ( MICAH, creates, supports, and develops programs and environments for the practice and study of spiritual formation and leadership, healing and the arts. As a contemplative Christian undertaking, MICAH provides a sacred space within which we seek to create a life with God. For more information about MICAH and to see more Holy Doodles check out our website,

The art you see here is designed to be thoughtful, intorspective, searching, and challenging. Hopefully your mind will be stretched just enough to cause you to think more deeply about your life and how you interact with God and the world around you. Each image came to my mind from meditating on Scripture passages, books, past events, conversations with friends and family, and from simply trying to be attentive to God in my everyday life.

Peace to you,