Holytape's Shop Announcement

From today until November 15th, 2013, 1/2 of the sales price will be donated to Skepticon 6. See Policies for details. Yeah Skepticon!

Holytape's Shop Policies


Skepticon 6 - Donations.

Because Etsy doesn't allow payments to be split directly, this is how the donations will work. When someone purchases one of my peices, I will then donate to Skepticon and send a receipt of the donation to the buyer and Skepticon.



General Information: The earth orbits the sun, and is about 4.8 billion years old. Dinosaurs and men did and still do co-exist, but only because birds are technically dinosaurs. The capital of Canada is not Montreal-- in fact Canada does not have a capital at all, because in order to have a capital you have to be a country. Canada is not a country, but a collective of land, ice and polar bears named Doug that Britain did not what.

Philosophy: Nothing is sacred.


I'll take paypal only.

Additional Policies and FAQs

If you have any sacrilegious ideas that you believe should be immortalized in duck tape feel to contact me.

Last Updated October 18, 2013