HomelyHome's Shop Announcement

I opened HomelyHome (a nod to Tolkien) to show the things I make and if someone should like to buy something I made, I would find that most satisfying. I have been making crafted prayer beads for over 40 years as a hobby which I started while going to school in a Benedictine monastery where I had been taught the basic technique by one of the resident monks.
I have been able to make a work space where I can keep my tools with which I craft the wooden crosses and pendants I incorporate into the bead designs. I also make walking sticks for hikers but I do not intend to sell those on line at this time.
I try to get as many of my materials as I can from nature, which involves cutting rather large limbs and discarded blocks from excavations into small, workable pieces. I have found that other ETSY dealers supply my bead and metal requirements very nicely.
I have searched other markets and I have not seen anything that is the same as my designs (which involve double or triple treading the beads to reduce breakage possibilities) and incorporating unusual wood grains with appealing, natural swirls and clouds.