HoneysDaughter's Shop Announcement

Hello out there in cyberspace!!
My name is Mary and I'm one of nine children. Daddy died when Mom was carrying Eve, their ninth child. Needless to say, we were raised poor children, but didn't know it! Mother was the most resourceful and clever person on earth!! We lived "Shabby" before it was "Chic!" As a result, I've always been quite thrifty and ninety percent of my house is furnished with "used" items, including the sheets on my bed and the shoes on my feet.
I "dumpster dive" frequently, and have a knack for turning trash into treasure.
After semi-retiring, I've decided to sell some of my treasures online. When Mom died 3 years ago, I inherited two of her cup and saucer sets. Since then, I've been on a mission to buy cups and saucers. When I do, I always think "Mom would like this!" In my heart, I am buying them for her. I've accumulated many more sets that I can store. Although I will never part with the ones that were actually hers, I will part with some. If you do purchase a cup and saucer set, think of Honey Williams, that dear soul who graced this earth for 85 years.

Mary Berard