A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into. ~Ansel Adams
Choosing color is sometimes difficult...but it's one of my favorite parts.

From A Hobby

Photography goes back a long way with me. Watching my Dad take all of the family pictures in my growing up years,I was always curious and wanting to learn about it. Then I turned 11 and got my very own...I was hooked. Now,several years (and 4 cameras) later,I have my own photography business serving Central Indiana called Sarah Kriner Photography. And as much as I love taking portraits, sometimes I think that I like to capture the details even more. Nature and candid photography is what I bring to you here. The very best of my work,printed and delivered to your door.

Crocheting goes back quite a way too. After seeing my family and friends getting so much enjoyment out of making things with their own hands,I taught myself how to crochet. Baby items are what I love to make most...because,let's face it. Everything is so much more appealing when it baby-sized. Right? I also like to make hats and scarves. And occasionally,although much more labor intensive, hand-stitched blankets. Be assured that what I send you is something I'd use myself. Every stitch is carefully made,every strand tucked in. When I make something, I make it to last.
Owner, Maker, Photographer And Crocheter
Hi! I'm Sarah.