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5 months

Leo season is almost over! This Discbound Planner Cover will keep your planner protected. All Zodiac signs and more available. Custom orders welcome. Stop by!

6 months

Super cool new key chains with my Zodiac artwork available now! All signs available.

7 months

I'm making some porcelain Zodiac cabochons for pendants. Until these are ready, check out my astrology prints, planner accessories, and more!

9 months

This is a peek at a new Pendant I'll be listing soon. The Dragonflies from Higher Intuitions Oracle look pretty nifty on this porcelain cabochon in a silver tone setting. Check out the other pendants in my shop!

10 months

I was nervous because I was headed to a gallery opening - hence the vacant stare. Behind me you can see one of the ceramic tile and iron mirrors I make!

10 months

Do you need a custom sized planner cover or dashboard? Send me a message and I can help!

10 months

I've been signing some decks for some awesome people!

10 months

I love making planner accessories! I'll be adding some ring bound and coil bound compatible thing soon. Need something specific? Send me a message. relaxed

10 months

So much color! The rainbow candle is from my other shop, HazelFernScents.

11 months

Do you love hummingbirds? I always see them just as they are fluttering away.

11 months

These three prints from Higher Intuitions Oracle are on their way to a new home today. They look great together!

1 year

Soon I will be adding original abstract paintings to the shop (picture is a work in progress), but many prints are available now.

2 years

So many new porcelain pendants coming soon.