HotDigitalDog's Shop Announcement

Email a photo of your pet, and I will send you A Very Fancy Digital Portrait of your Furry Darling in Formal Victorian Wardrobe in beautiful sepia tones. I work diligently in presenting Fluffy Dearest at his/her Hollywood Best, complete with Fluffy's name on the golden nameplate.

These portraits are a HUUUUUGE and hilarious hit at all gift giving occasions!
• "OMG. OMG. OMG." (custom dog portrait)
• "That's entirely TOO HILARIOUS." (custom dog portrait)*
• "Honestly, that's about the funniest thing I've ever seen." (custom cat portraits)
• "I have never seen my Dad laugh so hard." (custom cat portrait)
• "Best present EVER." (custom bird portraits)
• "How did you get Kitty in a dress?" (can't answer - trade secret)

If you can't secretly score a photo of Grammy's Kitty or or your Brother-in-law's Cocker-Doodle-Poo, then give them a customized Gift Certificate!! I can EMAIL you a gift certificate that you can print lickety-split and give to your friend, sis, sweetie, boss, etc. I can customize it to say "Happy Birthday Ringo!" or "I always thought your dog was cuter than you," etc. etc. It can also say FROM Mr. Snappy Pants (or your name here).

ONCE YOU MAKE YOUR PURCHASE, send GOOD photos! I can fix red-eye or get rid of backgrounds, but I can't fix an image that is out of focus or too small. Email to wonderbarn [!at] and please tell me pet's name and a bit about their personality so that I can dress them appropriately. OR you may choose your own attire by perusing completed portraits here:

If you need tips for pet photographing - see my profile.

You don't have a pet? Then mix and match from the spiffy ready-made adorable menagerie below - and presto - feel like an instant pet owner, without the lint roller. Kids love them, too!

* (Artist not responsible for recipients laughing their ***** off.)

The final Custom Vintage Pet Portraits are emailed to you as a digital file. You will get a digital file that you can use to make an 8x10 inch print at 200 dpi or whatever you like (a card, puzzle, coffee mug, etc.). If you don't have a photo printer, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. makes 8x10 prints for $2.99 and you can email them the file I send you - easy peasy.