HoundDecor's Shop Announcement

September 2015 - I am in the process of reconciling the collars remaining after the GFNJ picnic as well as adding new collars. Thanks for your patience!!!

Greyhounds usually wear martingale collars as they are gentler on their necks and are almost completely made out of soft materials. Martingale collars are designed for dogs with heads smaller than their necks. The collar slips on over the head and are fully adjustable once around the neck.

Although generally associated with greyhounds, any dog can wear them - Hounds (Afghan, Basset, Borzoi, Saluki, Scottish Deerhound, Whippet), Airedales, Corgis, Dalmatians, Great Danes, etc.

My recommendation is if your dog is a 'puller', use this type of collar as decoration only. My collars are triple reinforced and have withstood greyhound pulling, but I wouldn't want anyone to take an unnecessary risk.