HoundstoothDesign's Shop Announcement

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// A little side note about our horses and other animals:
Some of them have been put through a lot of abuse in their past homes. We try to sand off and fix most of said flaws, but there may be some areas that show the abuse yet. We only choose those that are really beat up or have been loved too much to upcycle/repurpose into your new doodle pad. The animals are made with a celluloid acetate...a hard plastic.

// "How do I use this awesome, new doodle pad?!"
Always keep them inside! We don't want your chalkboard animals to have to brave the elements. Write on the animals with chalk or chalk makers. *DO NOT* use chalk pencils. These can destroy your animal's coat. Once you are done with your note or masterpiece, erase it with a SOFT cloth. You can even dampen the cloth and wash off the chalk. Let it dry with good, old-fashioned air or another SOFT cloth. I personally like to use my mom's favorite — the flour sack towel. These are soft enough and usually don't leave behind too much lint. If there seems to be a little fluff left behind by the towel, just make a wish and blow. Enjoy these time after time. The chalkboard paint creates a tough, slate-like finish that will keep you occupied for a long time!

// "But how do you keep your chalk sharp?!"
Well, you can use a knife like a carpenter would, but be careful not to cut yourself! OR, you can purchase a sharpener, like those that we have in our shop. They are oh so handy and they keep the tip of the chalk nice and sharp so that you can make really detailed lists.

// If you don't see a horse breed that you like, please ask! We probably have one waiting to be refinished. We can set up a reserved listing for you, but please give us a couple weeks to find and paint your request. We also offer discounts for large orders. Please note that large orders take a little longer to fill and will require a 50%, nonrefundable down payment. Please note: due to our geographic location, we cannot fill special orders from October through April.

For any other questions, please convo us, or you might also find them in our policies section (

Look around, share your findings with friends and stop back soon. Thanks!


A big thank you to those who have adopted a chalkboard horse. Another big thank you to those who have featured the chalkboard horses on their treasuries, blogs and websites.