Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry & Sterling Silver

I heart you. It is written in stone.
You Are Here >>----> ♥

You Are Here >>----> ♥

It first starts in the heart. My work first starts in the heart. Nurtured there. With every nourishing beat it flows through my arteries and veins, permeating each and every cell in my body until they are full to bursting. Until my hands can no longer sit still with the weight of it. I have no choice but to set my work free through the ableness and steadiness of my hands and mind. And here it all is for you to see. My heart-work offered to you with upward palms and a bright smile in my eyes.

I hope you like what you find.
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I'm just like you but just like me at the same time. I am not a stranger to love, joy, elation, hope, failure, defeat, rising from the ashes, daydreaming. Probably just like you.

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