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Our Lines:

LUCY by House of Smash
What happens when a box full of bad records meets an artist with a samurai sword? LUCY by House of Smash is a line of bracelets and cuffs made from vinyl records that would, otherwise, be in a landfill, someone's attic, or worse (?). Straight from the House of Smash magic factory to the arms of cool people everywhere, each piece is unique, no two are alike, and hand-made by artist Nix Johnson.

LUCY by House of Smash come in three styles, the cuff, a slim bracelet - only ¾ of an inch wide, and the harder to come by, thick bracelet. All feature a vibrant explosion of attitude and are available in multi-color, solids, or distinctive designs, such as skulls, roses, and abstracts. In the future, look for more specialized designs to come from the House of Smash.

NIX by House of Smash
Expanding on the creativity that has become our LUCY by House of Smash line, Nix experiments with a variety of materials and combines them with recycled vinyl bracelets and cuffs.

All of these pieces are extremely limited due to the materials being used and will be made available, exclusively, on