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Designer collars and leashes for your Huggable Hound

I adopted a greyhound! It was that simple. She came to me with one collar. A pretty little brindle girl, shy, a little timid and it took her awhile to settle in. Of course I spoiled her with stuffies, dog beds, special treats, new bowls and of course she needed new collars.

WOW!!! $40 for one collar? "Hey I'm sure I can do this". Well an afternoon of shopping for fabric, hardware and a few hours at my Mum's vintage sewing machine. Lots of salty talk later, Chai had her new collar and I had an idea!

What if? Could I really do this? Hmmmmm let's see what I can find on the internet. Hmmmmm this is looking good. Lots of possibilities. Lots of competition!! Hardware comparisons, questions to suppliers. Shipping inquiries. My first supply order. First big fabric shopping day. Ok......I'm ready! Now, where do I sell them? Do I create a website? Oh what's this? Etsy? WOW it looks great.

So I opened a shop and listed a few collars, then listed a few more and all of a sudden I started selling collars. *insert crazy snoopy dance here*!

That's pretty much how Huggable Hound was born and I absolutely love what I do. I love getting pictures of my client's pupppers wearing my handmade collars. It still amazes me that I have my own business and that I'm successful and that I did it all on my own. After much practice and knowing what is important to you as a customer, I believe I have perfected my collar design. It brings me much satisfaction, happiness and I'm incredibly proud of what I do.

Thank you to everyone who stops by my shop. I try to keep my collars and leashes affordable so that everyone can have at least one fun, bright collar for their wonderful pupper that greets them every day, makes them smile, helps them exercise and brings joy into their lives.

"A house is not a home without a dog"
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Huggable Hound
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This is Chai my spunky little greyhound girl. She was my inspiration to create Huggable Hound almost 3 years ago.

I love custom orders and finding that perfect collar for your pupper

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