Handmade Soap - Lip Balm - Perfume - Beard Oil

Sample size beard oils. Try before you buy!
Work, work, work! :)
Beautiful glycerin soap. All-purpose shave & shampoo formula. Works great as a beard wash or to shave legs/face
Smooth, buttery, and comes in a wide variety off delicious flavors.
A fresh batch of Amazeballs soap... smells SO good!

Traditional Family With Non-Traditional Designs!

Humphrey's Handmade is owned and operated by Joe and Kelly Humphrey who are parents of two lovely children in Johnstown, Ohio.

We created Humphrey's Handmade a little while back mostly on accident. I learned to knit when I was around nine, and always made other types of handmade accessories but never did much with it. A few winters ago Joe was looking for a merino wool watchcap. He found one of two online to purchase, but they were very expensive, and none of them were large enough to cover his ears. He was out in the cold for several hours at a time, so it was important that he had a proper hat. I decided to buy some merino wool yarn and knit one myself, he loved it so much that we decided to try our hand at selling them!

Since then, we have moved from selling knitted items to focusing on handmade soaps, lip balms, beard oils, and fragrance oils. We use all of our own products, so guarantee that they're fabulous. In addition to being something we love to do, it also allows Joe to stay at home to care for our two beautiful children.

We are huge horror buffs, and it shows in our work. We incorporate zombies, eyeballs, sugar skulls and other horror themes into many of our items. We're also pretty hilarious, so don't be surprised if you see some silly product names here or there.

We love to make custom or personalized items, so don't hesitate to contact us. We have also begun to expand our business to local shows and boutiques and are excited for this new step!
owner, maker, designer
I've been creating things since I was a child and love it! I'll only sell things that I think are awesome, so buy with confidence!
owner, maker, Soaper & SAHD

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