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Artist's tools to serve and inspire.

As an artist, materials are what allow you to bring your vision to life; the medium acts as a language for your art. Your ideas deserve to be communicated with care and elegance. Here at Hushwing watercolors, we strive to offer you a tool which will breathe life into your unique concepts. Our handcrafted watercolor paints are made with the same precision and artistry you put into your work.

Hushwing offers a unique approach to the production of watercolor paint by returning to a rich history of paint making which highlights the individual qualities of each pigment. The secret to Hushwing watercolors are simple recipes that yield beautiful results. During production, pigment is mulled by hand on a glass slab with a combination of gum arabic and honey. Each pigment has it’s own unique, hand-tailored recipe that has been tested over time to ensure the perfect balance of pigment to binder. Our watercolor pans re-wet to provide a buttery paint packed with pigment to achieve a vibrancy and saturation that is difficult to find in many other paints.

Today’s modern paints are produced using additives which can be toxic and often take away from the vibrancy of the pigment itself. While these additives such as plasticizer and extender make production easier, they also allow the manufacturer to cut costs by reducing the amount of pigment used. Many paints have less than 10% pigment in their total volume. In addition, these additives can influence how the pigment behaves for the artist.

Hushwing offers a vibrant alternative through our handmade watercolors, which contain as much as a 50/50 pigment to binder ratio. Quality and ease of use is ensured by combining simple, natural ingredients that perform the same jobs as their less desirable counterparts. Each pan is packed with pigment so that desired values can be achieved and your paint will go that much further. We believe that the individual characteristics of each pigment should be highlighted. When you paint with Hushwing watercolors you can be sure you are creating with a product that has been lovingly crafted and is safe for your studio or home.

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  • Kirsten Cooner


    Kirsten Cooner is the paint-maker and artist behind Hushwing watercolors. Kirsten lives and works in Alexandria, Virginia where she is inspired by the surrounding history and culture. She is an avid traveler, outdoor enthusiast and practicing artist.

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