HylianCrafts' Shop Announcement

As you may have noticed, yes, Hylian Crafts will soon be closing its doors for good. This sale will go on as long as it has to, and everything MUST go. No listing in this store will be restocked once its last item has been sold.

To those of you who have purchased items from me in the past, thank you for your support. The reason I'm closing is because the veil has been lifted from my eyes-- I cannot support myself with an Etsy store based on one video game franchise, no matter how good at it I might be. This past year's lackluster sales and failure to expand (thanks to the consistent rejection I have faced in trying to sell my wares in physical locations, as well as my failure to market jewelry from other video game franchises and low sales overall) have made me realize what a waste of time ever trying to be independent and debt-free is. But thank you, loyal customers, for your patronage.

Keenan Bone
Hylian Crafts, Owner

All sales concerning items from the Bargain Bin are final.

Remember, all necklace colors are under separate listings. If you do not see a necklace in the color that you want, it is sold out and will be restocked within an interminable amount of time. Please do not order a necklace with the intention of adding a note requesting the color you desire. Such demands will be met with much scoffing and a necklace of the color ordered.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.