IMTMW's Shop Announcement

We believe that women are naturally beautiful and intrinsically powerful.
Make a statement to the world about you with our ready-to-wear pieces or create your own masterpiece.

At TMW Jewellery, we ensure that our customers have access to stylish, high quality and affordable products. Also, we only carry limited quantities of each style so that we can offer our customers an extensive and ever-changing range of products through our online store.

We are creative folks, so we like to experiment with our ideas, different designs and materials. As such, each item is either one-of-a-kind or has limited quantity available. On rare occasion, if our customers want, there will be an encore for a few items. Be sure to visit us regularly. We make and add new items every day.

You will notice that our worldwide shipping rates are unusually low for above standard parcel delivery (e.g. expedited, express, priority). That is because we have subsidized the S&H rates as a value-add for our customers.

Buy with confidence from us and know that we stand behind our products. We value your business and your opinion matters a great deal to us.

Jewelry is one of those things that helps women express themselves and helps them tell the world how they feel right now. I hope that our products can do that for you, our dear valued customer. Let’s go shopping!