IMustBeHallucinating's Shop Announcement

Hello, and welcome to our store! We are excited to be putting this place together and are looking forward to the things to come! We will be updating our inventory as art, pictures, and other fun and interesting things become available. Our items are all related to our web site themes involving cryptozoology, the paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, aliens, hauntings, the occult, and anything that is generally deemed strange and unusual. Be sure to check out our sites for factoids and fun, as well as our blogs where we hope you enjoy our articles. Participation is encouraged for all fans on the web at

Our I See Aliens site, is currently looking for submissions from short story writers to be compiled into our first issue of I See Aliens Science Fiction Digest! Submission guidelines are found within the I See Aliens blog. We hope you have fun!

Our reputation as an online seller has previously been established with ebay. You can find us there as well under IMustBeHallucinating to see our feedback.