ISKIN's Shop Announcement

Iskin is about two sisters who wanted to keep playing together...

The Iskin sisters had a dream: to create their own company while continuing to “play” together, as in childhood. This dream was realized through jewelry. Jewels that entice us, provoke us, seduce us. Jewels that stimulate our imagination by combining art and design. Jewels that have a meaning. Jewels that tell stories from the present and the past.

The ISKIN collection has gained international renown, and has been exhibited across the globe in design and museum stores in Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Barcelona, Bilbao, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Antwerp, Sao Paulo, Santiago, Tokyo and of course, Buenos Aires.

Gabriela designs all our collections, including the packaging, which is fabulous and gets a lot of attention. She uses different materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, leather, recycled leather, wood, etc. Karina is in charge of the marketing and sales.

Our unique collections explore the collision and interchangeability of color, form and material, with pieces that can be turned, twisted and popped into different colors and shapes.

These versatile pieces can be worn differently according to one’s mood.