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3 New Perfumes That Smell So Good! Now available in EDP Spray:
Cardamom Chai, Marshmallow & Dirty Chai

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We now offer First Class Shipping on Body Powders!

Free Shipping on our Valentine Scent Sampler:

New! DIRTY CHAI Perfume Oil
Incredibly rich and delicious, our Dirty Chai blend is a warm brew of masala chai spices, sweetened steamed milk and a shot of bittersweet espresso. Wow!

New! Snow Bird Perfume Oil
A sunny escape from winter, sparkling snow trees are left behind for burst of southern citrus sunshine. It's a shimmering winter citrus blend available in full bottle and sample sizes.

New! Winter Perfume (Available in Oil & EDP Perfume Spray)
Snow covered Alpine spruce, brisk mint softened with rich, sweet cream.

New! Tobacco EDP Spray
Fresh tobacco leaf with a smooth, velvety finish. Not overwhelming or smokey, it's just right.

New! Black Licorice Body Powder
Black Licorice: Strong, sweet black licorice scented perfume made with anise essential oil. (Limited Run)

We now offer Express Shipping (1-2 Days)
We will do our very best to get your order out the same day it is received and on it's way as quickly as possible. It's perfect for holiday rush and birthdays too.

♥ Limited edition perfume oil fragrances are here! ♥

Pomander: Bright citrus orange peel studded with warm cloves.

Batter Bowl: It's a cake bakery! Deliciously gooey cake batter, rich and sweet, soft little yellow cakes.

Honeyed Fig: Intense black figs drenched in thick, rich golden honey.

Oakmoss: Soothing, deep nature scent. Watery green moss, rich earthy forest.

Softly: A comforting classic scent. Soft, innocent, and fresh.

Shop the limited editions here:

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We Create:

★ Perfume Oil ★ A nice subtle way to fragrance your skin without the alcohol base. Most perfume oil fragrances may come across robust when first applied but will leave your skin delicately scented within a few minutes of applying.

★ Body Powder ★ I Smell Good Body Powder is satiny and smooth, triple-sifted and talc-free. This powder formula contains superior starches for silky application, natural clay and mineral-rich zinc oxide for absorption.

★ Eau de Parfum ★ Now Available! Are you ready to smell good all day long? Then you are going to love our new line of perfume sprays! Pretty glass spray bottles are perfect for misting a light cloud of scent on your skin, hair and clothing. Come meet your new favorite, long-lasting fragrance today.

★ Clean Cream ★ It's a super soft whipped soap (so light, so creamy...) perfect for scooping out, washing up and leaving your skin smelling delightfully fragrant. We layer two fragrances side-by-side so you get a little of each fragrance with each scoop you take.

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Welcome to the smell good factory! You'll find a fun selection of perfume oils ready to get you smelling good. Our perfumes are wonderful for wearing on their own or for layering and creating your own unique fragrance for the day.

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Try layering our perfume oils in these wonderful winter combinations:
Dirty Chai + Coffee
Cardamom Chai + Vanilla
Earl Grey Tea + Honey
Amber + Tobacco
Almond + Cherry

What do you smell good in today?

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