Welcome to our site! We have been busy combining the contients of our storeroom of unique antiques & one-of-a-kind objets d'art to add that certain je ne sais quoi you just won't find anywhere else. We sell antique, vintage and collectibles. We sell a variety of different, unique and rare hard to find items. Most all of our items are either from our personal collection, from our travels or from Au...ctions and are not new or always perfect and most generally may show some signs of wear. If there is a visible flaw or something out of the ordinary we will try and make sure to mention it the best we can from what we know about it. Sometimes we do not know a whole lot about some of the items so we do provide as many pictures as possible for you to view and consider them to be part of the item description.

We sell vintage items, they sometimes come in a distressed state. We always do our best to describe any wear and tear but if you have any questions or would like more photos, please contact us. Stock photos are never used. All items sell in "as is" / "as found" condition. Questions are encouraged and will be answered promptly. We do not offer a refund or exchange policy so please ask all questions before you order. Items are always insured against damage in shipping. The items we deal with are unique & can not easily (if ever) be replaced.

It's A SMALL World! -Rick & Debbie Small