IcelandicSoaps' Shop Announcement

Welcome to the Icelandic Soap shop.

The soap is handmade from scratch in small loafs and is made with the old cold processed style, but the recipe is ours and the development of the soap. It is made in as nature friendly way as possible. The soap is completely vegan and ingredients of high quality.

The main ingredients are Extra Virgin Olive oil and Cocos oil. Other oils are of high quality and very good for the skin. We use essential oils and undiluted fragrance oils for scent. The scent is to bring out great feeling and some of the oils are also cleansing and/or calming. Highly scented soaps only leave mild scent on the body. If you are tired, it is very refreshing to take a shower and use a soap with the scent that you feel lifts up your spirit.
We use organic products in our soaps if possible. Some of the oils are organic, also ingredients like almond milk, cocos milk, flowers, herbs, seeds and aloe.

The soap color is natural and authorised as safe for bath and beauty products. Dark soaps and soaps with strong colors may stain light color wash cloths, but they never stain the skin. We also use grounded dried paprika for example to coloring.

Sodium hydroxide is the material that makes the soap. It is used in all soap bars. It is made from coals. When the soap goes through the soap making stage the first 24 hours after it was blended, the cemical pathway changes Sodium hydroxide into alkaline minerals. The acidity in the soaps are 8-11. That is under authorised acidity in soaps. The soap cleans very well and at the same time they soften the skin as the formula is made that way. They are also great for shaving.

Scientific researches have shown that soaps like these are very safe when it comes to bacterias. Bacterias that are found in these soaps can neither live on the human skin nor inside the body, because the acidity is not the same.

The soaps are long lasting if you make sure they stay dry between use. It is best to keep the soap well wrapped if you are not going to use it soon and store it in a closed cabinet. Notice: Avoid contact with eyes both in people and animals.

The bags for the soaps are handmade by us. We recycle magazines and other paper to make the bags. The ink on the labels are nature friendly and the bags and the labels can be recycled.

Behind the soaps are lot of studies and researches. They are made by Margrét St. Hafsteinsdóttir, an artist and a designer – Maggadora, and her son Elias Rafn Heimisson, Physicist.

Our soaps are now sold in very popular health stores in Iceland that are based in several places in the country. That is huge recommendation for our soaps :-) They are also sold in several other shops and are very popular among tourists.


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