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3 weeks

Block printing using a carved wooden block. This traditional mud resist technique used here is called Dabu. The dye goes everywhere except where the resist is printed.

3 months

Beautiful gift set for a wedding or holidays!

9 months

Hand stamping using a carved wooden block. This technique is known as Block Printing. It is then dyed by hand in Indigo & washed & dried under the hot scorching sun!

1 year

The fabric has been printed by hand using a carved wooden block & hand dyed. Here is us after a long hard day playing around as the wind blows!

1 year

Our Mehal curtains' beginnings of printing.

1 year

A customer shared our Moochey (Mustache) curtains hung in their room! It brings a golden glow into the room! We call it Mustache because thats what we see - floating mustaches! What do you see?

1 year

Block printing using a wooden block. The brown stuff is a mud resist. After printing by hand, the fabric is dyed in natural dyes. Then after washing, you'll see white where the mud resist was & the dyed color everywhere else!