IhanaStyle's Shop Announcement

I love shopping....it used to be everything,any store,any sale..but then I got hooked.Hooked on thrift stores,rummage sales,estate sales, basically any place where one can get incredible deals!
I figured,it's not fair to keep it all to myself.And sadly, most of the time the stuff I find is not in my size!!!!
So this is my passion,to bring affordable style to people who don't have the time,or the energy to go looking for it,or for someone who's just browsing...for that next special find.

I only buy and sell the kind of merchandise I would prefer myself.
When it comes to vintage one must realize no matter how good of a condition the piece is, if it's vintage it's old.
With old age comes character!

I do my best, that the product I ship is in best possible condition.I prepare it before shipping as I would like to receive it.

I wash or steam clean all clothing, and if there's any bigger stains I have them dry cleaned.
I polish and clean all shoes and leather purses/bags.
I clean jewelry by hand.

I believe all garments deserve a second (or a third or fourth...) chance, maybe just add a belt,or a brooch. You WILL look stylish!
I don't sell anything I wouldn't wear!

With Love,

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.