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Il Filo by Giulia

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The shop opens every year for the Holidays in November and December.

Giulia Canali

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Giulia Canali


Il Filo

The very first memory I have of yarn and needles is about my grandma Maria. I can just close my eyes and still see her knitting away blankets for the homeless in her little kitchen. I was amazed to see how much knitting a little old lady could do and shocked at the realization of how many homeless people could actually be out there. I spent hours watching her after school every afternoon, until the day I finally asked her to teach me. It didn't take me long to learn how to handle those needles on my own. Soon enough I was knitting by her side while listening to my grandpa Giovanni playing the piano in the other room and smelling a delicious homemade dinner cooking on the stove. I was only 6 years old and building some of the most precious memories of my life.

Many years have passed since then. I grew up, moved to a different country, traveled a lot, started a family. Many things have changed, but the love for simple things and the appreciation for what we can create using our own hands and imagination stayed with me. This is a strong connection with my past. The thread ("il filo") of my life that was never cut.

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    I was born and raised in the Dolomite foothills of Italy, in a little town called Asolo. I moved to the US in 2006 to be with my husband and we live now in Seattle, WA. Our daughter, Gemma, is the reason why I created Il Filo. My true inspiration.

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