Botanical Perfume, Organic, Sustainable and Natural

The raw materials that go into making my perfumes come from the nature, I use vital essences, many of which are organic.
I graduated with a BFA from Otis when it was in downtown LA. The crown was handmade by Marilyn Neuhart.
The garden & a room within our 1950's ranch style home in the Santa Monica Mountains of California are my studio spaces.
As a holistic beekeeper I save feral bees in LA & am active in legalizing efforts. I use the beeswax for solid perfume.
Once I have an idea I formulate, make and pour each and every perfume by hand.

Roots and Wings

Roots in aromatherapy and the visual arts give Roxana Illuminated Perfume a unique foundation. Professional training in aromatherapy cultivated the nose and a firm knowledge in healing aromatics. As an award winning artist Roxana brings her gifts of storytelling, conceptual thinking and a strong visual aesthetic to her work in perfume. The two disciples weave seamlessly into an authentic expression of olfactory art.

“The botanical perfumes I create are very concept driven and
fabricated by my own hand. In keeping with the spirit of the
exquisite handmade artifact, the quarter ounce perfume flacons arrive in a couture crocheted pouch. Each fragrance is illuminated with an image by artist and concept designer Greg Spalenka. All these aspects create an intimate interaction with the beauty of nature. While studying in art school I took classes on bookmaking and letterpress printing. Later when I lived in New York I owned a Van der Cook flat bed Letterpress housed in a brownstone in Greenwich Village. The love of craft is embedded in my artistic psyche. As William Morris, I embrace the primacy of the handmade object and wish to bring that heritage and romance to my fragrance line.”
Roxana Villa
owner, maker, designer, curator, Alchemist
I live in the woodland of Southern California where I care for bees, plants and people holistically. The botanical fragrances I create by hand resonate with the vitality of the landscape.
Apis mellifera
Eve Neuhart
Greg Spalenka
Martha Villa

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