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Sewing is the craft of fastening or attaching objects using stitches made with a needle and thread. Sewing is one of the oldest of the textile arts. Nowadays, knowing how to sew has become almost a lost art. In fact I learned to sew from watching my grandmother. I love sewing. I find it relaxing and challenging at the same time. I practice sewing on a daily basis, just like the other forms of creative work that I do. My daily practice, over time, becomes who I am. Sewing is a time-based practice.

“Everything depends on how and what we practice” writes the musician Glenn Kurtz in his book “Practicing”. He also writes that practicing is “a process of continual reevaluation, an attempt to bring growth to repetition. It gives direction to your longing, gives substance to your labor. . . Practicing is the truth of who you are, today, as you strive to change, to make yourself better”. I agree.
Just to conclude… a couple of sentences collected during the last 5 years from people I came in contact with…
You MADE that?!!
It usually comes with a look of disbelief! No, I am not lying… Yes, I actually did make this!
If only I had the time…
Is this assuming that I have too much time on my hands?
We simply make the time for what is important to us. Daily practise…
I have this pair of pants I need hemmed…
Yes, I do it! Pass by my atelier...
Can you make one for me?
Yes, I can…. Pass by my atelier...
My grandmother used to sew.
Mine too. I love that...

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