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Quality handmade hair barrettes, night lights, business card holders, glass art work, and unique gifts, all ready to ship.

The relation between art glass and light is amazing, and it's one of the few materials on earth that light can pass through. It gathers, focuses, reflects, refracts, amplifies, filters, and transmits light and all of the colors in it.

Take a "visual stroll" through my shop. All items are handmade by me in my small home workshop (in Ohio, USA). Use the Shop Section links on the left to browse by category.

The process includes selection of sheet glass, designing, cutting, shaping, cleaning and combining layers of US-made art glass (fusible stained glass). Once the design is ready I fire it in my kiln to approximately 1300-1600 degrees (depending on the desired outcome) until the glass is permanently melted together and formed into one solid piece. I properly anneal each piece (a very slow, programmed cooling process) to enhance the strength and durability of it. Each item is unique, so please take note of the dimensions and all information in the descriptions before you purchase.

I use dichroic glass in many pieces, and because it is the most expensive type of art glass, you will see higher prices on those items. Dichroic glass, a NASA invention for other purposes, has both a transmitted and a reflected color. Depending on the lighting and movement you can see two or more of these brilliant color shifts. This is a challenge to photograph, however, and these pieces are far more stunning than what we are able to capture in photos.

Everything listed in my shop is ready to ship within 1-2 days, excluding Sundays. Many items AFTER the first ship free (with some exceptions), so you can save on shipping by purchasing multiples.

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Colors and Descriptions:
Because glass is very reflective (like a mirror) it is difficult to photograph. We try to capture our pieces from several angles to help display their beauty. Sometimes a direct photo isn't possible due to the reflection.

Please be sure to read each description carefully. I try to describe the colors and sizes as accurately as possible. Computer monitors can also display the same photos slightly differently, and saturation varies from monitor to monitor. If an exact color or shade is important to you please contact me to discuss it.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.