InFashionGlass' Shop Announcement

Handcrafted artisan barrettes, women and men's accessories, and office and home decor. All pieces are made in our home workshop in Ohio, USA. We make wearable and functional glass art, and try to infuse our joy of creating into each piece.

The properties of art glass are amazing and that's why we love it. It gathers, focuses, reflects, refracts, amplifies, filters, and transmits light and all of the colors in it. Our process includes selection of sheet glass, designing, cutting, shaping cleaning and combining layers of US-made art glass (fusible stained glass). Once the design is ready we fire it in our kiln to approximately 1300-1500 degrees until the glass is permanently melted together into one solid piece. Our work is properly annealed (slowly cooled) for strength and durability, in our home workshop. Please take note of the dimensions and all information in the descriptions before you purchase.

We use dichroic glass in many of our pieces and it is the most expensive type of art glass. Dichroic glass has both a transmitted and a reflected color, and depending on the lighting you can see two or more of these brilliant colors. This is a challenge to photograph, and these pieces are far more stunning than what we can capture in photos.

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