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I love being in the painting zone!

"Illuminating the black and white of life in vivid color"

in•di•gene – native; belonging to a certain country, region, or locality

In•di•gene – Female Caribbean-American Visual Artist Living in Pennsylvania

(pronunciation: in-dah-jin)

Connecting with others through creating Art is a PURE joy THAT FEEDS MY SPIRIT. Art is like a visual puzzle where layers of seemingly unrelated and related images are collaged together to tell a story.

MANY of my CREATIONS involve telling stories through exploring HISTORY, MYTHS, FOLKLORE, symbols and experiences that call to be expressed, especially those related to feminine traditions..

In CREATING these VISUAL stories, I find THAT I’M telling MY own story and others often find their own meaning and connection in the art. My gift and passion is to create art, and I am responsible for connecting to others with my art, which is why I have an Etsy store.
Indigene Theresa Gaskin
owner, creator
Visual Artist who works in mixed media and a professional artist for 13 years.

My work is in private collections, corporate and non-profit organizations around the world and exhibited internationally.

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