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IndigoAmbiance's Shop Announcement

**OUR SHOPPE IS SO EXTREMELY BUSY AT THIS TIME THAT CURRENTLY WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ANY MORE BLOGGERS** Surround yourself in an atmosphere of luxury, indulgence and happiness with products from Indigo Works. Not only will you be doing a major favor to yourself but you'll be doing it a very cost efficient manner as we price our products for 'you'. All of our products are made to make 'you' feel the best you can feel. We make our products the same way that we would want them made for us! Here at Indigo, it's all about you!

We specialize in Palm and Soy Candles, Bath & Body Products of all types (Including but not limited to some of our Best Selling Products which are... our 'Solid Bubbles' Bubble Bars and Bath Cupcakes, Solid Lotion bars, our Natural Hemp Lotions, Unisex Fragrant Oils, Shampoos & Conditoners...You name it and we most likely make it!)

We also specialize in Weddings, Showers, Birthdays and Anniversaries and will make your Favors and Gifts in order to help make your special day even more special just for you. For information, just send us an email.

We also make products on a 'made-to-order' basis. If you see a product that you would like in a different scent, just let us know and we'll let you know if we have it and if we don't we will special order it for you for a small nominal fee. We have over 250 scents. Most o our scents can be found on our website at We are in the process of updating this list so if you don't see it, just ask!

Our website ( is currently under construction so many of our Bath & Body products aren't listed as of yet but we're diligently working on this so check back often!

IndigoAmbiance's Shop Policies


Welcome to Indigo Works Etsy Webstore (or as we refer to ourselves "Indigo Ambiance"!)! Even though we opened shop back in 2011, we had to close down quickly and unexpectedly due to a family illness. But we are so happy and grateful to be open once again!

Along with the products we have listed, we also do custom 'Made To Order' products, including Wedding Favors and Bridals Gifts, Birthday, Anniversary and other Party Favors, Gift Baskets, Spa Bags and anything else that you may have in mind. We would LOVE to help make your party or special day even more special for you and your guests!

If you don't see it on our site or see it mentioned in a comment, please never hesitate to contact us and we will do everything we can to help you!


Our Indigo Works Referral Program works like this. It's simple and easy and gives you the chance to earn FREE products!
For every new customer you refer to us that places an order through our Etsy Shoppe ( or our Craft Cafe Shoppe (, you receive points. 1 point for every $10.00 ordered and paid for. These points are worth $1.00 each. (this program will also accumulate points when ordering through our website once we are completely re-designed and back on-line)

The minimum order must be at least $10.00.
For an order of $10.00 - $19.00 - 1 point = $1.00 off your own personal order
For orders of $20.00 - 29.00 - 2 points = $2.00 off your own personal order
For orders of $30.00 - $39.00 - 3 points = $3.00 off your own personal order
For orders of $40.00 - $49.00 - 4 points = $4.00 off your own personal order
For orders of $50.00 - $59.00 - 5 points = $5.00 off your own personal order
And so on....

If you are part of our Preferred Customer Program, your points DOUBLE!!! So, instead of receiving 1 point ($1.00 off your order for a referred new customer that places a $10.00 order, you will receive 2 points = $2.00!

Example: You refer 5 of your friends, family and/or coworkers to us. 2 of them place and pay for an order through our Etsy or Cafe Shoppe of $30.00 each, you will receive 3 points each (or $6.00 off of your next order). If another 2 of them place and pay for an order of $25.00, you will receive 2 points each (or $4.00 off of your next order). And if the last one places and pays for an order of $40.00, you will receive 4 points (or $4.00 to use with your next order). So, in total, with your 5 referrals, you would receive 14 points total or $14.00 to use toward your next purchase!!!

However, if you are one of our Preferred Customers, that amount would double and you would receive 28 points, or $28.00 to use on our site toward your purchase!!!! AWESOME!!!!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact myself or Melinda. We are working on a way to keep track of the points on our website but until we get that worked out, I will just be keeping track of your points in my planner. I would ask that you also keep track of them so that we can both stay on the same page.

IMPORTANT!!! Please make sure that if you send a referral to our site that they put in the notes your full name and email address so that you get credit for the purchase. And just to make sure that things stay fair to everyone, the referral orders need to be placed and paid for before you receive the points. After the order has shipped, I will email you an update of how many points you have accumulated.

We thank you for stopping by and look forward to creating something fantastic for you! ~The Indigo Works family


We accept payments via Credit Card and through Paypal. We also accept Checks and Money Orders, however please keep in mind that if you pay by check, your order won't be shipped out until your check has completely cleared the bank.


All 'paid shipping' orders will be shipped via Priority Mail within 3-5 Business Days on 'in-stock' products. If your order 'only' contains items that are in-stock then it will be shipped out within 1-2 business days. Many of our bar and loaf soaps are typically 'in-stock' so we can get them out right away to you.

However, we feel that our customers deserve to only receive fresh Bath & Body products so those are custom made to order. So when you receive your package, you will know that you are receiving the freshest product possible that was made specifically just for you! This process does take a bit of time so typically they will be shipped out to you within 5-7 business days unless it is an item that needs to cure a bit longer or is a large quantity order.

During our busy times of the year such as Holidays, it may take a little bit longer to get your order boxed and shipped but we do try very hard to ship as soon as possible once we receive your order. We take each order in the turn that it was placed.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need your products by a certain date and are unsure of by the listed 'processing times' if you will receive it in time for your event, just email us letting us know the date of your Event and we will let you know if we can speed up the processing time for you. We will do everything within our power to help make your Event or Party as convenient as possible for you!

Since we sell our products via several different venues, there are times when an item or items may be purchased relatively close in time to each other but from different sites. If this happens and causes the item you purchased to become 'out of stock', we will email you to let you know that we will be making up another batch for you but that it will take a few extra days to ship out. We do try very hard to keep all of our selling avenues updated with the correct quantities but occasionally this can happen.

Also, please keep in mind that since we do make our products daily, the picture you see on our site may be just a bit different than what you receive in your shipment. For the most part, they will be the same but in some instances (as an example) the color may be just a bit lighter or darker than the listing picture. We do try to keep everything as consistent as possible though. And as far as the sizes go, we advertise the approximate weight of the particular item. If your product is from a different batch, it will still weigh in that same weight range.

Standard orders over $50.00 will SHIP FOR FREE within the United States. (Exceptions to Free Shipping are Candles and large quantity orders for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc..) If you have any questions whether your order qualifies for Free Shipping, please don't hesitate to contact us. We ship all orders via Priority Mail unless otherwise noted in the listing (some international orders ship by regular First Class Postal Services).

Since it is so hard to determine the cost of how much an item will cost to ship with other items, most of the time you will probably pay more for shipping than what it will actually cost us to ship. We are NOT in the business of making a profit off of shipping and we will refund any overage paid by you once your products are packed and the shipping label purchased.

Prices for International shipping are only approximate so depending on where we are shipping to, they may be higher if you wish to have them shipped to you via Priority or Express Mail.

If you have paid via credit card through Etsy, we will refund your money through Paypal. And if you have paid by Paypal, we will simply just refund the difference to you.

We will always do our very best to make sure that your shopping experience with us is more than pleasant! We want you to feel comfortable referring your friends and family to our store!

Refunds and Exchanges

Orders over $75.00 will be insured by us. If you would like to have your package insured at your own expense for any amount under that, please make a note of that in the message box when placing your order.

During the summer months, some of our products may melt in extreme heat or if left in the UPS or Postal trucks for long periods of time. If your item arrives to you melted, just pop it in the refrigerator and it will work just as well as if it had not melted at all. If you have items during the hotter months that we feel may melt, we will have it held at the Post Office for pickup so it is not left out in the hot sun. If you know you will be home and don't want it held at the Post Office, please let us know that in the message box or email.

If your item is a gift, please specify this. We do not want to take any chances on sending a gift to someone you love only to have it arrive to them melted.

Additional Policies and FAQs

Please contact us for information on wholesale and consignment prices. We welcome these accounts and are happy to work with you. We are also happy to offer private label products for a small fee.

Last Updated October 9, 2013