InnerCircleHoops' Shop Announcement

InnerCircleHoops creates affordable hand made custom hula hoops for every kind of hooper!

Do YOU have a suggestion or want us to sell something we don't?!
Tell us about it...we are always looking for new creative ways to share the hooping bliss with each of you!!

InnerCircleHoops' Shop Policies


InnerCircleHoops is committed to sharing the benefits of hooping and bringing affordable hoops to everyone!


InnerCircleHoops accepts payment via PayPal and Credit Card.

However money orders are also accepted when requested.
When submitting a money order please note your hoop will not be created and shipped until the money order has been recieved.

E-Checks via Paypal are also accepted. When using an E-Check through Paypal be aware that your hoop will not be created and shipped until the check has cleared.


InnerCircleHoops uses USPS to ship most hoops.

Orders are shipped once a week, if your order is placed on the shipping day, it will not be shipped until the following shipping day.
Please allow 1-2 weeks from purchase date to ship date.

However, if you need your hoop by a certain date please contact me!! And I will do my best to get it to you on time!

Once your order has shipped you will receive a notification. Once shipped your hoop should arrive within 2-5 business days. I do my best to get your hoop to you as quickly as possible!

Refunds and Exchanges

Strict NO REFUND policy due to the customization of each hoop made.

I do not accept refunds for damaged hoops due to shipping, natural wear and tear, customer error, etc.

Once a hoop has been shipped InnerCircleHoops is not responsible for any damage that may occur during the shipping process.

If you receive your hoop and have a problem or question about your purchase, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Additional Policies and FAQs

When ordering, please put all hoop specifics in the note section of the order form:)

How do I know what size hoop is right for me?

When choosing a hoop, it is best to measure from the ground up to any space between you hip bones and belly button. Larger hoops are recommended for beginners. The larger the hoop is, the slower it will rotate around the body. This makes learning new moves easier. When starting out remember that bigger is better! Once you are more comfortable hooping, you may consider downsizing to a smaller lighter hoop.
Still unsure of the size of hoop that’s right for you? Just message us your height, weight, and experience level (beginner, moderate, or advanced) and we will recommend a size that's right for you.

~125 PSI, 100PSI, or 160PSI?~

125 PSI-
-Lightest tubing
-Recommended for advanced hoopers, and poi hoop dance
-Great for off the body tricks, and more complex Hoopdance moves

100 PSI-
-Slightly heavier tubing
-Can be used by anyone, however beginners may still find it too lightweight
-Great for learning the tricks & moves associated with Hoopdance

160 PSI-
-Heaviest tubing
-Perfect for beginners,guys and those with heavier builds
-Great for waist hooping for exercise, but not recommended for any off body tricks

~What to Know When Ordering A PolyPro Hoop- ~

-OD refers to the "outside diameter" measurement, opposed to PSI tubing which uses inside diameter

3/4OD or 5/8 OD?

-AlsoKnownAs 6/8"
-Skinny Hoop
-The starter size of the Polypro world

-Super Skinny Hoop
-Advanced hoopers will love the flow and flight of this tubing

Seller Information

Any questions or comments may be sent to me through Etsy or via E-mail.

Liz C.
innercirclehoops [!at]

Last Updated February 5, 2015