IntuitivePainting's Shop Announcement

Original intuitive paintings, on paper and canvas, by Omer Lion-Heart Pelleg.
Inspired by nature, the human body, the four elements of Air, Water, Fire & Earth
and a universal archtypical imagery.
The dance between the force of Chaos an the force of structure is revealed.

My recent series "Go figure" is the name I gave a to a series of works created over the past year in which I examine the relationships within the forces of chaos and structure.

This series is intended to uncover the great secret in the creative process and to create a dance that usually takes place behind the scenes, hidden from our eyes in everyday life . It lies in the root of life, producing an infinite variety of forms and phenomena, appearing to follow a tough “Book of rules”, but actually creating a variable diversity of infinite possibilities.

The insight emerging from that dance between these two compelling forces, is amazing. Like a game It finds the relations between one variable, the Chaos, where everything is there and does not need anything. And on theother side of the scale, the second force,
the force of Structure, that organizes and arranges everything, seeking the absolute.
The series “Go figure” illustrates more than any explanation, the process investigated and discovered in my journey I’ve been taking in the past decade.

My technique uses simple and available materials that does not require long preparation time or long waiting between the different work stages. Sequence of work extends from an hour to several hours. Each painting starts on the studio floor, I spread a thick
paper’ 210x100 cm in size. Models choose a position
where they are laying on it, and I create the contour
(Structure) to be embedded on the sheet. Then I switch
to the frequency of chaos and make things seem
ungraspable (Chaos) to be expressed - feelings, sounds,
colors and shapes... The model can stay in the studio
and choose to refer to what is already created on the
paper by another imprint or active participation. The
creative flow moves between these opposing forces as
the painting proceeds, until the decision to end the
process .

I use two ways of observe nature:
In both of them It starts by simply observing a thing or a
Then, they react differently: One look for a mediator,
something witch was imprinted along the process of
education and training. Fashion, culture, religion or
teachings, forms our perception forcing me to repeat there
words and thoughts.
In the other I encounter nature without with out
preconceived ideas. I’m in a state of a “Blank board”, open to
the experience in the now. We all have both. The question
is whether we notice there presence. As an artist, the most
powerful moments are the moments when I experience
them both dancing in me. One moment my hand can move
intuitively on the paper, the next I can find a reference
point of order in the Chaos.
Chinese Tao, Japanese wabi-sabi, Kabbalah and many others,
all deal with the game of life I call "dance", happening
between the two forces which creates the versatile reality we
live in. Tao with the nature of Things, wabi-sabi wholeness
in the absence of perfection and the Kabbalah with the
binary of existence all Identifies the flow and constant
change in the perception of reality and things around us.
It’s confusing at first and difficult to contain, but with a
growing practice of flowing with the movement and the
constant change, I acknowledge the way the phenomenal
power of the present manifests itself, in the ever-changing
texture of creation around me.