InvisibleMaps' Shop Announcement

an exploration of horror vacuii

Rapturous beauty and joy can be found in everyday image fragments all around us. Cut and rearranged and recontextualized, the mundane can become fantastic. Just as a DJ creates new, yet familiar, music by cutting and pasting from other songs, so do I aim to create something new from existing imagery.

My artwork is assemblage that is constructed chiefly of images from magazines and books. I also use stamps, vintage media, maps, glass and rock pieces, metal leaf, and various papers. I build them up with balsa and mat board to give the pieces depth and added drama.

Science fiction and fact collide to create a beautiful mess that rewards the curious. Psychedelic landscapes draw the viewer into a fever dream of science, sex, and madness. What is the nature of desire, of closeness and intimacy, in a vast, strange world, most of which we’ll never get to see with our own eyes? My work searches for a mystical narrative for each individual viewer to follow and find their own inner life. I measure the distance between intimacy of being close enough to smell the salt of someone against the unbroachable distance of our alienation.

*drops exacto blade, walks offstage*

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