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How Iris Jane came to be. . .

Iris Jane is a Handmade Vintage, Eclectic, Modern, Indie Punk, style shop on etsy
My inspiration for my shop came from never finding the fun, funky, retro personality type jewelry, that I LOVE! So I thought to myself, I'm crafty I can do this. So I started and my friends loved my stuff. One of them suggested I sell on etsy. I think my favorite Necklace is my Benny the steampunk robot. May NASA earrings are my favorite earrings. I love to travel and be with my family. My biggest motivation is knowing. I can have and will have, everything I ask for. As long as I want it bad enough, to surrender to the universe. Knowing without any doubt that it will come to pass.
Iris Jane comes from deep within my soul. Everything inside my shop are pieces of me. Sweet, Soulful, Beautiful, but most of the time corky and witty. I'm eclectic and so is my shop.

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