The art & photography of Sinéad Carus

it all begins with LOVE
The sights and smells on my walks in the woods of Illinois helps to clear my mind and opens doors for creativity!
all items are my original illustration, art and photography designs, printed professionally to ensure longevity
a corner of my charmingly petite yet systematic workspace

Inspiration is everywhere, oops you just bumped into it ;)

Come on in and thanks very much for stopping by.
In this space I hope you will find a little of everything and something for yourself. My work is very eclectic and I don't think I will ever be able to narrow myself down to one style. My inspiration comes in waves and I never know what interests me until I see, hear, feel something in the moment.
My heritage plays a great role in all aspects of my life. This is where the Irish Viking in Designs comes from! While my Dad's side is Nordic and Greek my siblings and I were raised with the traditions and spirit of Ireland. My Mammy emigrated to America to marry my Chicahhhhhgo born Dad and she is very proud of her homeland and instilled a great Irish pride in us. Being the daughter of an immigrant has given me a great appreciation of diversity, our differences make our world go 'round and I love to celebrate the beauty that exists in all cultures.
Thank you for letting me share my art with you and I truly hope it makes you smile, dream, wonder, etc. Someday I hope to open my own gallery but until then all items are created in my home workspace. Every piece is drawn, photographed and created by me and then printed at a local, professional lab to ensure longevity. I create, assemble and package each item with the greatest of love and care. I hope you'll stop by again and thank you for allowing me to take this artistic journey with you.

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Sinéad oxoxo
owner, maker, designer, curator, Artist, Photographer, Gemini
Hi there and welcome to Irish Viking Designs!
I'm Sinéad, a first generation Irish-American artist from the northern suburbs of Chicago, it's lovely to meet you.

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