IsoldeCreative's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Isolde Creative Dispensary, makers of beautiful things born of earth, air, fire, and water.

Here you will find gorgeous handmade bespoke incenses blended with organically grown
herbs, lovingly tended in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

One of my greatest loves is incense and the making of the same. I love the long, drawn out process, the anticipation as it cures, and the payoff when you burn it and experience all of that work and waiting in one deep breath.

My kyphis are all made over the course of an entire month and contain as much locally harvested ingredients as I can grow and gather. You will find specifics in each individual listing.

My other offerings include 'bubble spells' - an item of my own devising whereby wishes for love, wealth, peace, protection and luck are delivered to the universe in one small breath (yours).

Keep your eyes open for other goodies, as I am always inventing and creating.
Pati @ Isolde, The Creative Dispensary