ItemsEclectic's Shop Announcement

Items Eclectic: Vintage, Sewing & Art

Hello there! Thank you for browsing my shop, Items Eclectic.

It is so named because I have been a collector of many, varied things for far too long! I love decorating with varied items and styles, so I would say my decorating style is “eclectic”, for I often combine new with vintage, and antique with unusual.

I hate to air my dirty laundry in public by telling you so, but I love too many things and have acquired too much over the years. I love color and fabric, vintage items and antiques. I love books and anything with flowers on it. Cats, sheep and teddy bears have adorned my shelves, and my children have collected butterflies and bunnies. I have sewn, crafted or painted since I was a little girl—more than 45 years ago. But it is now time to share that joy with others, as I sort through the memories of my family and downsize my own lifestyle.

Items Eclectic contains many of these items that my daughters and I have enjoyed collecting over the years, plus new ones that are fashioned from my stash of fabric, vintage furnishings and notions, as I continue to sew, craft and paint.

I hope you find something of interest and may it bring you a memory of enjoyment over the years to come.

Melanie White