Ithillien's Shop Announcement

Hello and welcome! Come on in and join us!


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Greetings, and welcome to my shop! I travel all over the galaxy in search of beautiful and precious objects to make into fabulous accessories for all ages and species! <3

Here, in The Emporium, we sell things like earrings, necklaces, hair clips and bracelets. We also sell the occasional oddball item like doll clothes and jewelry, dog accessories and cell-phone charms! We take pride in our work, and make all pieces from quality material.

We also do special requests, so if you saw a pair of earrings you liked and would like me to reproduce them, or have an idea in mind for a custom order, Conversation me and we can talk about it! My team and I are always willing to do whatever we can to make you happy!

To view examples of past and present jewelry, please visit:

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Aboard the Emporium of Shiny (my Spaceship! <3) my Astronauts in Crime and I travel far and wide to bring the residents of the Milky Way Galaxy interesting accessories! Using natural resources found on all different planets, we are proud to provide out of this world items!

I, Ithillien, specialize in jewelry and accessories for ears, neck, hair (species permitting) and bracelets for however many arms you happen to have! I'm the Grand Navigator and Captain, woo!

Starr enjoys creating accessories for Dollfies and our three, four, five and seven legged friends. Residing primarily aboard the ship since she was beamed up and was too scared to be beamed back down. I keep her around since she's pretty good at navigation when I run out of coffee! (She also doesn't suffer from road-rage).

Mitzey is our robotic technical adviser who at this point, has not fully discovered the art of creative thinking. (Since she's a standard Plant Watering Droid and we didn't have the money to buy her a personality chip).