ItsASkin's Shop Announcement

The item description and photos tell you exactly what you get. You wouldn't buy a car without test driving, right? Don't hit "buy" until you've read the description.

We sell vinyl skins for your devices AND NOW LIFEPROOF SKINS! These are not hard covers, nor are they rubber covers for your electronic devices (UNLESS IT STATES THAT IT IS A CASE OR BUMPER IN THE TITLE OR DESCRIPTION...IF IT SAYS "NOT a HARD CASE" IN THE TITLE, THEY ARE NOT A CASE)*. They are vinyl "skins", "wraps", "decals", a cute layer with a fun design to make your device into a personalized accessory. They can help protect from scratches, but are not intended to protect from dropping - think of it as a makeover for you plain electronic device :)

look in our "policies" for installation instructions.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.