ItsEverythingElse's Shop Announcement

Take a moment to browse a little. I have a variety of artistic creations and will add as time allows. I create handmade items utilizing a variety of mediums.

As an artist I have many interests beyond using fiber to create soft sculptures. I opened this shop for all my creations beyond wool sculptures. I keep my shop, Wool Sculptures, for the body of work I do with fiber.

I have two other shops. One, UptownGirlSoap, devoted to the creation of premium soap to benefit all skin types. You will find none better. I bevel, clean and polish all my soap before shipping. The beveling creates soap shavings that I will offer for sale in this shop. It can be rebatched, reshaped, and uses only limited by your imagination. Mixed scents and colors in top of the line, premium shavings.

At times a batch will trace too quickly to create the planned design, and I will sell that soap at a low price. I just can't waste premium soap because a design didn't come to fruition. Soap has a mind of it's own it seems, and inspite of the best planning, I have a Oh crumbs (to quote Etsy) moment, usually in a bit stronger language.

You will also see products from my WoolSculptures shop. Reduced rates on end of the season products and some ideas that just didn't fly.

I will offer destash, as well as supplies from both shops that I just couldn't live without and use so rarely, and often not at all, that it's a major waste not to put them to good use.

So check back from time to time, and enjoy some eclectic shopping.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.