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Happy Holidays Everyone! All of my Christmas toppers and trees are shipping in 3 to 5 days to arrive in plenty of time to add to your decorations. All wedding toppers will ship within 2 weeks. If you are needing a rush order topper just let me know. I will message you right back. I'm still booking for late December if you are State side but it's almost too late so don't wait. Booking the rest of the year and 2016.
**Important Note*** After you purchase please make sure you receive an acknowledgement from me that I received your purchase. If you do not receive one within 8 hours please contact me. It is possible for orders to fall though the system and not get logged in. This will save both of us a lot of headaches.

Just a reminder, we ship by wedding date during the heavy wedding season which starts in April and ends in Oct. When you order, we log your toppers into the first available painting slot to insure a timely delivery.

Also concerning your details. I have a list of questions on each topper listing. I need the answers to these to create your toppers. Please send them in order as listed on form. If you send information outside this form please make sure I reply that I received it. If you do not get a reply from me that I received your information it might not be added. So it is important that you make sure to follow up.

Since the toppers are so much smaller than the real thing some details might have to be left off or changed in order to make things fit. I strive to get your details as close as possible so I will include as much as I can. I use regular tulle for my veils.

***When sending your information please use the questions on each listing to send your details. I use them to create your toppers so make sure you have everything you want added in your answers. If you send details in separate messages they might be over looked and will not be included in your toppers. To find the questions please read the listing. Please be aware that if you order a base the toppers will not be attached to it. I do not attach because they could get broken in shipping and I like to give the bride the ability to arrange them as needed.

Please be aware due to the large number of wedding toppers shipping during this super busy wedding season, your toppers are created by your wedding or need by date. Our delivery time is fluid and changes due to the number of toppers being shipped. We always send shipping notices and tracking numbers. If you are overseas we try to ship 4 weeks before your wedding date to allow travel time and time to clear both Customs Offices.

***Exciting News****Itty Bitty Wood Shoppe was featured on TLC's Four Weddings on February 1st! Watch for the reruns!
*** More News*** We are also featured in the Seattle Bride Spring/Summer 2013 issue. Thanks so much to our brides!
***Exciting News!*** We had to keep it hush, hush but now it's out. Our Captain America is being featured in the Magazine "Its All About Details". Please see our cute couple on the most adorable cake! Just copy and paste this link...
Thanks so much to our Itty Bitty Family members! I create by wedding date but it is never too early to place your order. Our calender fills up quickly and I don't want to have to say no to a bride that wants a special topper. I ship international orders 4-6 weeks in advance because of recent custom delays. It's never too early to place your reserved spot. We love to ship internationally but like to ship at least 4 weeks before your wedding date unless other arrangements are made for expedited shipping. I create all of your toppers by wedding date. Please know that your toppers will arrive in time for the big day. I appreciate the patience and loveliness of all our Etsy Brides. You are now a part of our Itty Bitty Family! **Recently Featured in UK Bridal Magazine and Interviewed on Texas Television! Let me know how I can help make a keepsake you'll cherish forever.

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