IzasArtshop's Shop Announcement

Welcome everyone again!

Among variety of beautiful items I design and produce, you can find jewelery, knit-ware, handbags, selected garment, patchwork, and historical costumes.
My favourite techniques include embroidery, knitting, needle-crafting. I use them in jewelery crafting as well!

I am passionate about innovation and invention in pieces of art we desire, which we are inclined to put on and wear, or 'be in touch with' in our closest habitat, with satisfaction.

Items featured in my shop are selection of my most successful designs. Each design is in fact genuine and unique. I am able to reproduce the idea of the item, rather than actual item, due to uniqueness of stones, gems, threads, fabrics, leathers, skins, etc. as well as variety of colours, shades, and textures and their collocations.

Dear Customer, let each item you select and purchase bring you as much joy and satisfaction, as I experienced while crafting it!

After two years since I opened this shop much has happened: change of jobs, moving to another place and lot of traveling. Now is the right time to re-open, put new items in. Enjoy my latest collections!