We're inspired by the LA landscape around us. Using natural elements are key to our pieces.
Harnesses are a new trend, but they are here to stay. A simple accessory that transforms a t-shirt.
We're not just for women. Many of the pieces in the JAKIMAC collection are unisex. The perfect gift for an edgy guy.
We firmly believe in quality over quantity. Each ring is made by hand, here using natural bone set in leather.
Each piece has a story. The stones we use are hundreds of years old. It's all about the way a piece makes you feel.

Driven by the process, pieces are handcrafted primarily from leather to produce fearless & bold designs that contour to the human body.

JAKIMAC is an LA-based design house that channels the energy of underground fashion and high-end couture. Driven by the process, pieces are handcrafted primarily from leather, resulting in sensual and sculptural forms made to be worn as a second skin. The rough texture of leather combined with the addition of gemstones and fine metals creates a feeling of edginess and excitement as materials of dark subject matter are transformed into things of beauty.

Inspired by rock n' roll music and the subcultures surrounding the genre, JAKIMAC pieces explore contradictions - masculine vs. feminine, hard vs. soft, raw vs. refined. Leather is used as a vehicle to draw on the body, creating sleek designs that contour to the human bone structure. With a focus on precise fits and stimulating textures, JAKIMAC strives to craft ever-evolving yet timeless pieces with each new collection. Each design is fully realized from concept to creation in Los Angeles, CA.

Raised in Chicago with an Italian-American family, designer Jackie Capozzoli’s infatuation with leather working began at a young age. The designer’s history working as a fine artist continues to influence the edgy, fearless, and bold designs that are the core of JAKIMAC.
Jackie Capozzoli
owner, designer
JAKIMAC is my brand. I began working under JAKIMAC in Chicago and I'm now based in Los Angeles, CA. I specialize in custom leather & metalwork. All pieces are 100% made in LA.

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